How I Use CoSchedule in my Freelance Business and Why I Love it!

January 12, 2017


Now to get things started off on the right track and in the name of transparency, I have to first say that I am being compensated for the is review, however, it in no way reflects my review of the product because I LOVE COSCHEDULE!


As everyone reading this blog knows, I am a freelance health, wellness and lifestyle writer and up until CoSchedule entered my hectic life, I had been manually entering each and every social media post and scheduling directly into the social sites. Not only was this frustrating but it ate up valuable time each and every day!




Well, all of that has changed since I discovered how useful CoSchedule is and my clients love it too! Not only are their social media and editorial calendars clearly laid out, they are able to visualize each day, week or month, what is being done and what content is being covered. If either of us change our mind on the content to be covered, we simply drag the developed content to another day…simple as that!




With CoSchedule, each of my clients has a clear social and editorial content plan in place so we know exactly what we are posting each week and have the flexibility to schedule posts for months in advance! I no longer have to flip between emails to find content and social media plans; it’s all in the calendar! This makes managing social media and content scheduling a breeze and I am not up all night coming up with plans, plans and more plans on how I’m going to schedule all of the social media through their respective sites or other apps. Everything is in ONE convenient location! Anyone reading this will understand just how important this is!



I can easily assign tasks to my clients in a clear and concise way so that they understand what they need to submit to me for finalization and scheduling. No more lost emails, I can’t remembers or I forgot for either of us!


The features of CoSchedule are really just plain awesome! Their marketing calendar keeps everything organized in one place which is vital when you are managing multiple calendars! Not only does this keep the editorial calendar and social media plans organized but it keeps me and my clients on the same page and fully aware of where I am in their project. They can simply login and view all I have planned out for their project any time- day or night.



I cannot stress the importance of being on the same page, as it eliminates confusion, redundant or deleted work and potentially serious errors- especially when you are working with clients who are on different time zones.


As with every good thing, there are some downfalls. I do hope that they will someday be able to fully integrate with Instagram so that I don’t have to push each post manually after it has been scheduled. Also it is my hope that CoSchedule will develop a feature to work within blogs other than WordPress. This would make my life a whole heck of a lot simpler but overall I will trade these desired features for what I currently gain using CoSchedule.


If you had a hesitation in subscribing for CoSchedule, I hope that this review has alleviated any concerns you have! Happy Scheduling!


For more information, visit CoSchedule!


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How I Use CoSchedule in my Freelance Business and Why I Love it!

January 12, 2017

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